OCTLA Past Presidents

The Orange County Trial Lawyers Association salutes the Past Presidents of our organization who have not only contributed to the growth and strength of OCTLA, but have collectively made a difference in our justice system. 


1963–1965 Ralph I. Callen

1966 Glen T. Bashore

1967 Stanley J. Hafer

1968 William Dougherty

1969 Wilbur S. Vaughn

1970 Theodore S. Wentworth, Jr.

1971 Peter M. Gwosdof

1972 Wylie A. Aitken

1973 Bruce N. Osterhout

1974 Marvin O. Burton

1975 Hon. Karl C. Frank

1976 Robert N. Christensen

1976 Garald J. Orman

1977 Ronald B. Schwartz

1978 Eugen C. Andres

1979 Michael D. Pursell

1980 Donald N. Belveal

1980 Nicholas C. Byhower

1981 Mark P. Robinson, Jr.

1982 Robert I. Schwartz

1983 William J. Howard

1984 Fred V. Munoz

1985 John R. Cogorno

1986 Mark E. Edwards

1987 Troy D. Roe

1988 Hon. James Di Cesare

1989 Hon. Thierry P. Colaw

1990 Gary Chambers

1991 Jean Hobart

1992 Steven R. Kuhn

1993 Lawrence S. Eisenberg

1994 Hon. Lon F. Hurwitz

1995 Peter A. Noronha

1996 Susan C. Kelley

1997 David P. Crandall

1998 John A. Montevideo

1999 Daniel M. Hodes

2000 John P. Burns

2001 Richard A. Cohn

2002 Eric V. Traut

2003 John ‘Jack’ Veth

2004 Jeffrey A. Milman

2005 John A. Luetto

2006 John C. Adams, III

2007 Brian D. Chase

2008 Keith P. More

2009 Alan C. Brown

2010 Anne Andrews

2011 Yoshiaki C. Kubota

2012 Douglas W. Schroeder

2013 Hon. Scott B. Cooper

2014 Casey R. Johnson

2015 Ted B. Wacker

2016 Vincent D. Howard

2017 Hon. Shaina Colover

2018 Geraldine Ly




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