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Much of OCTLA’s important work is performed through committees. It is our goal that serving on a committee should be an interesting, educational, and productive experience, in which individuals develop and use their unique talents and resources in a collaborative setting, with all members actively and cooperatively participating to achieve a common goal. 

  • Get Involved! Any Regular OCTLA member can join a committee. To become involved on a committee please email or call (949) 916-9577 and indicate which committee(s) you'd like to join. 


Below are descriptions of each OCTLA Committee:


The primary responsibility of the Education Committee is planning, coordinating, and implementing the MCLE programs presented by OCTLA during the calendar year. This committee is usually designated in October or November. The Education committee is responsible for our MCLE programs for one year (February through the following January). Planning includes developing, exploring, discussing, and recommending the topics and speakers for each MCLE program, and submitting proposals for those programs to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors for approval. Once a particular program is approved, a member of the committee is designated as the program coordinator for that program. The program coordinator’s work includes confirming speakers and dates, timely distributing information to moderators, speakers or panelists for the program, and following up with them to ensure they are actively conferring to coordinate the presentation and are adequately informed and prepared for the subject presentation. 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for assisting the Treasurer in performing the duties of that office, including as prescribed by the Bylaws. The work of the Finance Committee includes: (1) reviewing OCTLA’s income and expenses at least quarterly; (2) evaluating the organization’s cash flow at least quarterly; (3) reviewing OCTLA’s proposed and actual tax and financial filings, including for purposes of timely compliance with tax and non-profit regulatory standards; (4) Coordinating periodic financial review or audits by qualified outside professionals; (5) recommending any new or revised financial procedures or controls, and implementing those that are approved; (6) timely informing and advising the Executive Committee and Board of Directors as to the tasks and issues within the Committee’s purview. 

Gavel Magazine

The Gavel committee is responsible for publishing four (quarterly) issues of The Gavel magazine. The Gavel is published the first week of January, April, July and October and is mailed to OCTLA’s membership, as well as local ADR firms, law schools, DA's and the Orange County Judiciary. The Gavel Committee continuously solicits articles, content and photographs from OCTLA members and non-members, interviews judicial officers for feature profiles. Committee members may also be called upon to write or edit press releases for newsworthy subjects, either for publication in The Gavel or in coordination with the Community Relations Committee. The Gavel Committee selects graphic art for the cover and articles (if needed), selects event photos and captions for the photo galleries, determines OCTLA event flyers, forms and notices for each issue, edits articles as assigned, proofs all pages for accuracy, approves the final draft to be sent to the printer, and sends thank you letters to the authors for each issue. The Gavel Committee is also responsible for soliciting and following up on advertising and leads. The Chair of the committee is the Editor-in-Chief of the Gavel Magazine.

Golf Tournament

The Golf Committee plans the annual Bench & Bar Columbus Day Golf Tournament, including proposing one or more courses for the tournament and proposing an award recipient (if applicable). The Golf committee meets well in advance of the tournament date to coordinate the tournament play, theme, gifts and contests. The committee plans and solicits sponsorships, solicits raffle prize donations, and plans tournament promotions (including brochures and flyers and ads). The committee arranges for, and coordinates the activities of volunteers to help set-up registration for the event and to greet and escort players, guests and vendors on the day of the tournament. This committee coordinates the raffle and dinner and awards program held the evening of the tournament. The Golf committee is responsible for soliciting sponsors until all sponsorship opportunities are sold out, and for promoting tournament sign-ups and play until all spots are sold out.


The Legislative Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating OCTLA’s involvement with the annual CAOC Justice Day event in Sacramento, including taking action to promote a high rate of attendance and participation by OCTLA members at the Justice Day event. The committee is also tasked with coordinating the reception / dinner / mixer the evening before Justice Day which is hosted by OCTLA for our members, dignitaries and guests. Additionally, this committee serves as liaison between OCTLA and CAOC to report to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors regarding issues of actual or proposed legislation, initiatives, government finance, elections, or candidates that have a direct impact on OCTLA, its members, the judiciary within Orange County, or the community we serve. The Committee will be available to assist with tasks related to non-partisan matters impacting the judiciary, such as court funding, consistent with the policy of OCTLA and directions of ExComm or the Board of Directors.


The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting and retaining OCTLA members, including Affiliate Members and Foundation Club Members. The Membership Committee is responsible to timely review all applications for membership, with particular attention to ensuring that applicants meet the qualifications for the type of membership applied. The committee’s work includes reporting names of new and prospective members to the Board of Directors for review before membership in a particular category is confirmed for an applicant. The committee also reports membership statistics to the Board. The committee meets regularly to discuss new member recruitment, reenlistment of lapsed members, and membership promotions. Developing, recommending and implementing member benefits is also an important role the committee plays in recruiting and retaining members. The Committee’s work also includes performing an annual review of membership dues charges before the November renewal process.  Additionally, this committee is responsible for affiliate bar outreach and shall assign committee members to the executive officers of local affiliate bars to personally invite them to attend OCTLA events.

Public/Community Relations

The Community Relations Committee works as our liaison to people and groups in the legal and lay community to publicize the work and mission of OCTLA. The Committee also coordinates our assistance to, and fosters our relationships with, outside entities whose needs and purposes are aligned with the mission and resources of OCTLA. The committee’s work includes developing or coordinating press and media releases on behalf of OCTLA, as requested, authorized or directed by the President, Executive Director, Executive Committee (“ExComm”) or Board of Directors. This committee reviews proposals submitted to OCTLA for sponsorships, donations, pro-bono work and other charitable requests.  The committee will work together to recommend and vet our Top Gun charity, as well as work closely and cooperatively with the charity once selected to solicit articles and photos to help announce and promote the charity and secure volunteers to help work the silent auction. This committee is also responsible for planning and managing the annual social mixers and events.


The Technology Committee is responsible for recommending, monitoring and implementing the use of technology to enhance the interaction and delivery of information between OCTLA and its members, and OCTLA and our community. The Committee also evaluates and recommends technology to benefit our internal operations (such as membership management, and electronic payments processing) and to enhance communication with our members, affiliates and sponsors (such as through list-serve or bulletin board features, online directories, Internet advertising and the like). The prime area of responsibility of the Technology Committee is the design, functionality, and content of the OCTLA Internet website. The committee shall also consider suggestions and make proposals for upgrading and enhancing the website, blogs and social media interfaces (e.g., Facebook, Instagram. Twitter, Linked-In, YouTube, etc.). 

Top Gun Event

This committee is responsible for planning and coordinating the annual Top Gun Trial Lawyer of the Year Awards Program and Silent Auction. Early in the year, the committee will suggest a venue for the event that shall accommodate both the auction and awards dinner activities. Working in cooperation with the Executive Director and Executive Committee (“ExComm”), the Top Gun Event Committee shall be responsible for: setting a budget, pricing the event and sponsorships, soliciting sponsors, soliciting auction items, determining entertainment, themes and table decorations, designing the flyers and event invitations, writing press releases for OCTLA publications and outside publications prior to and after the event. Once the winners are chosen, this committee shall solicit tribute ads for the Tribute Program, and communicate with the winners and honorees for additional potential sponsors, auction items or tribute ads. This Committee shall coordinate a video interview with each winner for presentation at the event. The Committee’s responsibilities include arranging for the procurement of silent auction items, and working cooperatively with the Executive Director and the representative(s) of the charitable organization(s) that will benefit from the auction, to procure items, set up the auction tables, listings and catalogs, and the payment by winning bidders for their respective auction items. These tasks include categorizing and listing auction items, creating bid sheets, signage, certificates and props or displays for each item, and assisting in set-up on the day of event. Working collaboratively with the Executive Director, ExComm and the chosen charity, this Committee will arrange for volunteers to work the auction transactions, and in arranging for a key note speaker and/or suitable celebrity appearance for the event. The Committee shall also see that letters shall be sent promptly after the event thanking the sponsors and donors for their support.

Top Gun Selection

The Top Gun Selection Committee is responsible to review and recommend nomination criteria and nomination form(s) for use in the selection of award recipients and other honorees at the Top Gun Awards Dinner and Auction event. The Committee sets the timelines for soliciting and accepting nominations. Once nominations have been received, the Chair will delegate particular nominees to committee members to perform due diligence in ascertaining the qualifications of the nominee in relation to the criteria for the award or special recognition under consideration. The assignments, review and rating of nominees in this process shall be as neutral and objective as reasonably possible, and will be conducted to avoid the appearance of impropriety or conflicts of interest in the assignment of committee members to evaluate or rate particular nominees, or in ranking or voting on nominees. 

Special Projects

Rather than form standing committees to handle one or two events or activities, the President may appoint a special project manager to serve as Chair of a specific-purpose committee (or “task force”). When so assigned, the special project manager will act as a Chair of that task force. 


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