Events & MCLE Overview

Sharpen your skills

Membership includes superior education and training for attorneys. Access to the collective resources, knowledge, and experience of the members of the Association; and promotion and support of laws which correct injustice and protect access to the civil justice system.

Each month, OCTLA offers educational programs taught by prominent attorneys, judges, appellate court justices and other professionals. Our primary goal is to present topics to help trial lawyers win cases. Of course, members earn MCLE credit while making key professional contacts in a friendly setting. To find out about new learning opportunities with OCTLA, go the OCTLA Events Calendar page, which is updated regularly with upcoming learning events.

Annual Judges-Mediators-Arbitrators Evaluation

At the end of each year, OCTLA presents a candid and interactive discussion of local Mediators, Arbitrators & Experts as well as a discussion of which Judges to 170.6 in orange County, Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire area.

OCTLA attorney members are encouraged throughout the year to rate and comment on the judges, mediators and arbitrators in which you have had personal experience. All responses remain completely anonymous. Click Here to Evaluate a Judge or Mediator.


Join us and get connected to the resources that Orange County trial lawyers use to be successful and grow their practices.