OCTLA Listserve Self Help Tutorial

OCTLA's ListServe now allows you to post your message or reply instantly right from your email without having to log in each time.

Initial Setup:

To setup the new Member ListServe go to OCTLA.org and click on Member Login.  Login with your OCTLA username and password.   



You will then be prompted to certify your email address(es).  Type in your email addresses in the blocks indicated that you wish to receive or send emails from. Then go to your email inbox and confirm (certify) the email you have received from Support@TrialSmith.com




Once you have certified your email address(es) you will then begin receiving the ListServ posts from other OCTLA Members.  



To adjust your email settings

At any time you can modify the delivery settings or unsubscribe from any list.  All changes are performed immediately and will be applied to all future list emails received. Simply click on the Settings box in your email. 

A listing will appear of all the Lists you have subscribed to. For OCTLA's ListServ, click on octla-member. You may choose from the following settings:



To reply to a post

If you want to send your reply to the full member list, click on Reply to List

If you want to send the member a private reply, click on Reply to Sender

To post a new message from your email

Simply write your email and send it to the OCTLA list email address:



To post a new message from the site

Go to www.OCTLA.org and click on LISTSERV / Member ListServ and login in with your OCTLA username and password.  You will be directed to the screen below. Click on New Post. Then select the member list you wish to send your email to and select the email address you wish your replies to be sent to.  Complete the subject line and the email content. To send, click on Send Email

The Listserv is provided as a member benefit to OCTLA Regular (plaintiff) Attorney Members only and should not be transmitted to another person. The OCTLA List Serve is not guaranteed to be secure from unintended viewing by non-OCTLA Members. OCTLA is not responsible for the opinions and information posted on this site by others; postings represent the viewpoint of the writer and are not endorsed by OCTLA.


If you need assistance, please contact OCTLA at: info@octla.org or 949-916-9577.


If you have technical issues, please contact TrialSmith at: support@trialsmith.com or 800-443-1757.



Thank you for your ongoing support and membership.


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